The Appliance Company was initiated in 2014 under the name of the Fridge and Freezer Company taking graded product from Liebherr whom we also performed logistic support by handling all their trade shows (Grand Designs, Ideal Home etc..) from stock holding to delivery we manage this process on their behalf. Be it a show or a VIP delivery we ensure seamless completion. We progressed in to purchasing these units post shows  (Graded stock) recognising that we could offer a significant discount on a high-end product that was not readily available.

This has progressed with further suppliers of high-end white goods finding increasingly that supplying a broader range of products that our name needed to reflect this diversity. Hence The Appliance Company has now taken on the progress initiated in 2014. Predominantly an online sales business to mitigate cost reducing overheads we sell nationally up and down the country in equal measure, supported by our logistics arm Spexmo (who still perform specialised logistics to a variety of premium brands).

Our day on day objective is to deliver a quality service to support our product range and provide high end products at an affordable cost to everyone and ensure that what we do exceeds common expectations from suppliers to end users.