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The Impressive Neff Slide and Hide Oven

The most impressive thing about Neff Slide and Hide ovens is the fact that you can cook with the door open AND IT DOESN’T EFFECT THE COOKING. Normally you open the door the heat escapes quickly, but these ovens have an air circulation system that drags the hot air in a cycle away from the door. Not that it’s advised of course (BUT apparently they’ve cooked a Yorkshire pudding with the door open – amazing!.)

The controlled air and heat circulation means that if you were feeling adventurous and you could cook your fish course, your main course AND your fudge cake at the same time without your fish tasting fudgey (or your cake having a fishy tinge). Neither ideal.

The other impressive thing is the lights in the oven (I realise that being excited about an oven is difficult…but stick with me). These things are lit up like a Christmas Tree. The lights aren’t just from the top but they are in the oven door too, meaning you can see your food on every level rather than squinting into darkness.


1. Prove your bread in the oven. You can do that with these. They have a setting for that, and it works. I’VE SEEN IT.


2. You don’t need to figure out the timing for things. It figures that out for you. There are settings where you can select what your cooking and it tells you how long it needs to be on for (don’t expect it to be able to decipher the difference between chocolate cake and a Victoria sponge though.)

3. Soon you won’t need to clean it yourself. The NEFF engineers have figured out how to make them do this without them having a hissy fit and smashing.


You may have seen the Neff Slide and Hide on The Great british Bake Off. Now… if it’s good enough for the best bakers then it must surely be good enough for us!?

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