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One of the inherent problems within the retail environment is warehousing or logistics, increasing the possibility of damages, due to poor handling, one would go so far as to suggest, personnel within the industry often see “brown boxes”, and have total disregard for the value of the contents, one brown box after another, which is further compounded by the lack of suitable vehicles and logistics equipment.

Added to this, Manufacturers, like Liebherr, compete aggressively to secure position in a suitable Retailer’s Store, after all, without being prominently displayed, products would accumulate in a centralized warehouse, without exposure to you the consumer, and would therefore remain a “secret”.

Products could remain on display for up to 3 or 4 years. Whilst on display, although apparently functional, ALL Liebherr display units, are set onto “DEMO MODE”, lighting gives the impression that the products are functional, but in actual fact, only the lights, and electronic displays are functional, hence, very little wear and tear.

Although previously the “lifecycle” of Appliances could have been several years, this has changed considerably over the last 2 or 3 decades, smaller more functional homes are in greater demand, not only for the young family, but also for the empty nesters, hence the kitchen has in many cases become the “family room”, the net result being the lifecycle of appliances, has become considerably shorter, possibly 2 years, vs 5 – 7 years previously, due to improvements in design, colour and efficiencies.

This further compounds the continuous increase in B-Stock, or Graded Stock.

Graded stock is determined by it’s appearance.